IT Strategy & Architecture

Our IT consulting practice helps IT leaders design and implement advanced solutions in IT governance, security, data management, applications and compliance. By partnering with us, you ensure that your organization performs with the same focus and excellence with which you manage day-to-day business operations. We will work with you to address IT security and privacy issues and deploy advanced and customized application and data management structures that not only solve problems, but also adds value to your business.

Data Management Architect

We provide a set of rules, policies, standards, and models that governs and defines the type of data collected and how your organization manages your data. In addition we provide a top down architecture for conceptual or semantic data model and implementing underlying a functional technology infrastructure.

Information and Cyber Security

We provide our clients with an all-in-one intelligence function that includes: Developing, evaluating and implementing cyber security policies, conducting risk and vulnerability assessments and rick and vulnerability mitigation recommendations